Jhoom Barabar Jhoom - Bollywood Feature Film

Finsbury Park, London

Jhoom Finsbury BW

An over stretched Hummer limo being tracked by the Silverado with a 50ft racking crane on the back. The Indian director wanted a sequence of shots for a music piece in the film, the actress was to be standing up through the sun roof of the limo while the camera kept moving around the vehicle while she sung. Tricky shot to get even while stationary!

We needed a private road in central London road to not only track this 50ft limo but the second part of the sequence was in a double deck London Bus full of dancers. It had to be off the public roads as the police would not allow this type activity on a working street and we need full control. Finsbury Park has a mile long straight road with a large unit base also on site gave the production the perfect location to perform these sequences and work from.

It took all day to complete 2 shots of both the limo and bus travelling with a fully moving camera shot.