Supervising Location Manager & Scout

For Film and Television productions

Tom has been working in the media industry since 1999 where his first ‘paid’ job was the director’s assistant to Charles Sturridge on Longitude (transmitted on Channel 4 in 2000). Progressing into the locations department via a stint at Amazing Space Location Library. After 18 months Tom left to establish himself as a freelancer. First as a location assistant then location scout employed by the established location managers. This apprenticeship period soon took Tom into managing television commercials then into television productions from sketch show comedy to drama. The first major television production Tom managed was the first series of Greenwing (Channel 4) which was an 8 part 1 hour television filmed in a working hospital.

In April 2017 Tom won the award for Best Contemporary Locations in a Television Drama for The Night Manager at the 4th Location Managers Guild International Awards hosted at the Warner Bros Studios in Los Angeles. The award is voted by location managers and scouts from across the world and is a high accolade to a professional location manager.

“One of my keenest skills is location scouting, over the years I have spent many hours beating the streets of the UK looking for all types of locations from the ‘average’ sitting room to the interior of the United Nations Building in the UK. I have now extended my experience to working in overseas countries from the British West Indies to Morocco. And just recently I have been to Western Norway on a trip to see what this part of the world offers us.”

Tom has an extensive personal knowledge of locations across the UK, including Greater London, the Home Counties, Wales, Yorkshire, Manchester and Southern Ireland. Many of the locations documented are unique and un-filmed, a large digital database of 15 years of scouting is always at hand to be consulted. Tom has regularly taken Fam trips organised by the national film commissions of various countries with a recent trip to Western Norway being the latest. Scouting the coastline and fjords, taking a helicopter over Europe’s largest glacier and discovering modern architecture in natural landscapes. Recently he has been working on productions which have taken him overseas, to scout and manage filming in the Turks and Caicos, Germany, Morocco and Mallorca.

“Location managing is a fine balance of the artistic demands of the film production with the realities of the working world. A film crew on location are oblivious to the workings of the real world around them. Members of the public, residents and care of the property can be overlooked by a busy pressured crew but an experienced location manager will be able to achieve this fine balance while keeping everyone happy.”

Tom has recently been credited with Supervising Location Manager on How I Live Now, Worricker and The Night Manager. This has involved managing a large location team and running multiple locations as they are set dressed, shot and then reinstated. Directors Tom has worked with include; Suzanne Bier, JA Bayona, Sir David Hare, Kevin Macdonald, Michael Winterbottom, Susanna White, Andrea Arnold and Armando Iannucci on a range of feature films and high end television drama.

“Moving into a supervisor role has given me more time to scout for the unique locations a script needs also spending more time with the director and designer bringing an original look to the production. I am very experienced working with location scouts and overseeing multiple locations whether they are being dressed, filmed or reinstated at the same time."

Please take a moment to look through this website, it is only small (4 main pages!), I am sure it will give you an overview of my skills and expertise in finding the right location for your production.